Iran Conference
A performance manifesto, in which the protocol conference turns into a platform for a sincere conversation not only about the destiny of mankind but also about the personal problems of the conference participants.
Iran Conference takes place at a scientific symposium dedicated to the problem of the relationships between “Eastern” and “Western” cultures. Representatives of the world's intellectual elite (a theologian, a Catholic priest, a military journalist, an Iranian poet who recently received a Nobel Prize) take the stage one after another to discuss the so-called "Iranian" issue, which embraces not only perception of ​​God ( in the West — Jesus, in the East — Allah), but also the daily violation of human rights and freedoms, executions, torture, and military conflicts in the Middle East.

Despite the format of the conference and the apparent complexity of the topic, the characters gradually move from their pre-prepared reports to more private and personal things in order to talk about the most important and eternal - a place of man in the world and a life purpose. Vyrypaev's talent as a playwriter is manifested here not only in the incredible depth and importance of the topic he chose but also in the transformation of this complex and taboo dialogue into a purifying narrative about the value of life and awareness of one's own path that anybody can relate to.

The premieres of the performance were held at two venues: in the theater premises "Triumph" and the real scientific conference hall of the Perm State National Research University (PSU). The places for the performance were chosen for a good reason. And if "Triumph" reflected the classical theatrical approach, the premiere at the university allowed the performance to get as close as possible to the original text, turning the audience into conference participants with real badges and the opportunity to ask any questions they had at the end of the symposium.

Interesting Facts:
  • each viewer received a Conference ID at the entrance, where they could write their first and last name, thereby becoming full-fledged conference participants;
  • after the premiere, which took place in the authentic conference hall of Perm State National Research University, the director and actors held a Q&A session with the audience, as is usually the case after real symposiums;
  • the white and blue folders that you may have noticed in the hands of the actors are actually real reports on the topic of the conference, prepared by the actors themselves specifically for their roles.

2 hours

Watch online Iran Conference
Here you can watch the trailer of Iran Conference, and the performance itself is available online with English subtitles in Full HD.

Iran Conference was conceived by Ivan as a way to talk with the modern world creators — the current generation about morality, responsibility for our planet, and the place mankind is heading to. I hope, I believe that this conversation will make the people of Perm believe that such big theater projects are possible in this city.

I am happy that my play will be staged in the city of Perm, and I am glad that the young lead-off director Nikolai Gostiukhin is doing this. Because I know Nikolai. He is an aspiring playwright. He understands the text and knows how to write and direct plays.
And generally speaking, the fact that this play is staged in different cities seems very important to me, it means that people ponder on such topics. The play Iran Conference shows different perspectives on how we can live together today on this planet as different cultures and peoples, and how we can connect. Is it even possible for us to find any common language at all?
Philip Rasmussen — Oleg Vykhodov
(merited Artist of Russian Federation)
Oliver Larsen — Vyacheslav Chuistov
Gustav Jensen — Alexey Karakulov
Astrid Petersen — Ekaterina Vozhakova
Daniel Christensen — Sergei Detkov
(Golden Mask nominee)
Emma Schmidt-Poulsen — Elena Starostina
(merited Artist of Russian Federation)
Magnus Thomsen — Dmitry Neskoromny
Father Augustine — Dmitry Tronin
Pascual Andersen — Valentin Belousov
(merited Artist of Russian Federation)
Shirin Shirazi — Sofia Abdelnasir
Mathilde Hansen — Valentina Tretyakova
Katrine Johansen — Ekaterina Mudraya
Patrick Nielsen — Dmitry Kurochkin
Playwright — Ivan Vyrypaev
Director — Nikolai Gostiukhin
Assistant director — Olesya Mikheeva
Executive producer — Stanislav Bykov
How was the premiere of Iran Conference.
Iran Conference became a big and important event for Perm. Here you will find the most vivid examples of how the Perm media space reacted to our project. But the most of the articles about this performance are written in Russian.

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