A film that tells about the illusiveness of love and relativity of the events taking place around us.
The film is based on the hieratic play by Ivan Vyrypaev and consists of monologues of four people who tell a moving story of the life of two elderly couples who have been friends throughout their lives.

The film takes place in the office of a family psychotherapist, where two young married couples come to one after another. They came to tell the stories of Danny, Sandra, Albert, and Margaret, who lived together for a long time and only realized the ambiguity of their life experience in old age.

However, young characters tell these stories for a reason. They came here to talk about the anxieties and feelings accumulated during their marriage through a metaphorical story about the life of two elderly couples. Only here in this office will the heroes be able to truly hear each other and overcome the ongoing relationship crisis, bringing themselves to a sincere talk, which they have been missing so much lately.

Interesting Facts:

85 minutes

Watch online Illusions (film)
Here you can watch the trailer of the film Illusions, and the performance itself is available online in Full HD.

The play Illusions is a landmark for me. I remember how moved I was when once saw a performance based on it, staged by Praktika Theater in Perm. It became a gate to the theater for me. It made it obvious that theater can talk to the audience in the language of feelings and give new optics. I still vividly picture how I came out of the theater as if breathing in fresh air.
Then, while working on Disquiet, I read somewhere that about 2 billion people around the world get divorced every year because of complete misunderstanding. This figure stuck in my head, combined with the text of Illusions, a play about love and the search for mutual understanding. So at some point, my love for this text was combined with some factual information, and I decided to turn to Ivan's text for the third time to try a new genre of film, showing people from a safe distance how to regain sensual contact with each other.
First woman (Sandra) — Ksenia Otinova
Second man (Danny) — Dmitry Neskoromny
First man (Albert) — Alexey Karakulov
Second woman (Margaret) — Ekaterina Mudraya
Narrator — Alexander Smirnov
Director — Nikolai Gostiukhin
Playwright — Ivan Vyrypaev
Composer IVAN
Screenwriter — Nikolai Gostiukhin
Director of photography — Nikita Kamensky
Producer — Nikolai Gostiukhin
Film editor — Alexander Khomutov
Sound editor — Alexander Rublevsky
Scenographer — Lyubov Shmykova
Sound engineer — Mikhail Turbovskiy
Costume designer — Alisa Filichkina
Makeup artist — Tatyana Mokrushina
PR & Partners — Padre Agency
Assistant director — Evgenia Dorokhova
Backstage of Illusions (film).
The most of the articles about this performance are written in Russian.

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