A story of a remarkable interview with a prominent American writer Ulya Richte, who speaks about something truly important at the expense of her career.
The play takes place in Manhattan, New York, in a penthouse of the famous American writer of Polish-German origin, Ulya Richte. She, although reserved and low profile person, is being interviewed by a Polish journalist Krzysztof Zielinsky.

Having been nominated for a Nobel Prize, Ulya gives this interview, aware of its huge impact on her career. That is why, her two other guests, Ulya’s literary agent Steve Rakoon and daughter Natalie Blumenstein, who is also her lawyer, do their best to keep the conversation going in the right direction, according to the prearranged plan. However, at some point, all their agreements with the journalist break when Ulya starts her own game, answering Krzysztof's tricky questions the way she wants, touching upon the topics crucially important to her personally. She speaks of the search for the main truth, freedom in art, and self-acceptance.

The performance had two different premieres at different venues: the first was immersive and the second one musical.

The immersive premiere took place in an expensive hotel room, where the audience could see in detail the carefully recreated interior of Ulya Richte's home. From the start, the spectators could become participants in the very interview that the Polish journalist came to take.

The musical premiere was held in a more classical theatrical space, where the interior of Ulya's penthouse was also recreated in detail, with an important alteration: this time the soundtrack for the play was performed live by its author, composer Alexei Kestner.

One of the key highlights of the big premiere of Disquiet was a newborn ecosystem around it — a series of follow-up events, lectures, concerts, and meetings, among which were:
  1. Alexey Kestner's master class for music school students on music creation for cinematography;
  2. a concert by Alexei Kestner, where in addition to the exclusive execution of some soundtrack compositions, he played his works;
  3. online meeting with Ivan Vyrypaev;
  4. online reading of Nikolai Gostiukhin's new play The Process.

Interesting Facts:
  • all viewers of the immersive premiere received special key cards that turned them not only into guests of Ulya Richte's penthouse but also gave them bonuses or preferential benefits from the performance partners;
  • one of the partners of the performance, the Nolan Wine & Kitchen restaurant, created a signature cocktail "Disquiet", which is still available for order;
  • Aleksey Kestner flew to Perm for the second premiere specifically for the live performance of the music he wrote;
  • the official soundtrack is available on Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify;
  • during the first premiere, guests heading to Ulya Richte's penthouse were met by a disgruntled neighbor of the writer, who read the latest issue of The New York Times and showed the confused guests the right way to the penthouse;
  • according to the idea of the play director Nikolai Gostiukhin, each premiere of the play was to be unique. A third premiere was also planned, and it should become a cinematic conclusion to the story of Disquiet.

1 hour 20 minutes


Watch online Disquiet
Here you can watch the trailer of Disquiet, and the performance itself is available online in Full HD.
Performance partners

Disquiet explores the very nature of art and human existence drawing on the specific example of the writer Ulya Richte. After all, having put her career at stake, she decides to talk about something really important not so much with Krzysztof, but with all of us. And the tough questions she raised are the questions that we are often embarrassed to ask ourselves about.
Therefore, it was essential for me to offer the audience of Perm, who warmly accepted my last performance Iran Conference, such a sincere and uncompromising dialogue. In addition, my premiere is also a tribute to the talent of Elena Starostina, who impressed me with her work in the play Iran Conference. Therefore, Disquiet is not only a dialogue between the spectator and the author about discourse but also a benefit for Elena Sergeevna.
Ulya Richte — Elena Starostina
(merited Artist of Russian Federation)
Steve Racoon — Vyacheslav Chuistov
Krzysztof Zielinsky — Alexey Karakulov
Natalie Blumenstein — Ekaterina Vozhakova
Michael — Dmitry Neskoromny
Narrator — Nikolai Gostiukhin
Director — Nikolai Gostiukhin
Playwright — Ivan Vyrypaev
Composer — Alexey Kestner
Producer — Nikolai Gostiukhin
Executive Producers — Stanislav Bykov,
Svetlana Violentiy
Assistant director — Nina Solovey
Sound — Maxim Nikitin
Director of photography — Alexey Gushchin

Scenographer — Ksenia Peretrukhina
(winner of the Golden Mask Award)
Costume designer — Irina Kanyukova
Costume consultant — Andrey Myasnikov
PR & Partners — Padre Agency
Copyright Lawyer
Maria Serebryanskaya
How was the premiere of Disquiet.
Disquiet was conceived not only as a chamber story, in the center of which is the incredible talent of the Merited Artist of the Russian Federation Elena Sergeevna Starostina, but also as a tribute to the classical laws of drama. Here you will find the most vivid examples of how the Perm media space reacted to our project. But the most of the articles about this performance are written in Russian.

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